Tanzanian-German Centre for Eastern African Legal Studies
at the University of Dar es Salaam School of Law in cooperation with the University of Bayreuth


Academic Committee









The TGCL is headed by an Academic Committee. As the leading organ of the centre, it is responsible inter alia for the strategic development of the TGCL. Both partner universities are equally represented in the Academic Committee.

The current members are

  • Prof. Dr Ulrike Wanitzek
    TGCL Project Leader
  • Prof. Dr Hamudi I. Majamba
    Dean, University of Dar es Salaam School of Law
  • Dr Benedict T. Mapunda
    TGCL Coordinator
  • Mr Johannes Döveling, LLM (UCT)
    TGCL Deputy Project Leader

Management Board

All day-to-day coordination is handled by the Cooperation Management Board, comprising the Project Leader, the Coordinator and the Manager.

Student Adviser and Programme Adviser

The TGCL Student Adviser counsels students on individual career planning. He is not a part of the ordinary teaching and administration, to ensure that he meets the students as an external adviser.

BwanaThe TGCL Student Adviser, Hon. Judge (Rtd) Dr Steven Bwana, former Judge at the Court of Appeal of the United Republic of Tanzania and current Chairman of the Public Service Commission of Tanzania, is an important role model for the TGCL students with regard to their potential future leadership roles.

Dr Bwana holds regular seminars with the TGCL students with the goal of enhancing their leadership skills, and involves them actively in the presentation of, and reflection on, issues such as “community before self”, and time management. Furthermore, he is in close individual contact with all the TGCL students during their studies, counselling and encouraging them and advising them in conflict situations.

Assistant to the TGCL Coordinator


Mr Goodluck Temu is an  Assistant Lecturer at the University of Dar es Salaam School of Law and is also the assistant to the TGCL Coordinator.



Mgaya RAMA 123 Violeth
Mamdoe Maria

Administrative staff members of the TGCL in Dar es Salaam are Principal Administrative Officer Ms Mary Mgaya, Administrative Officer Ms Violeth Machinda, Assistant Accountant Mr Ramadhani Ismail , Library Assistant Ms Mamdoe Mgaya and Office Assistant Ms Maria Paulo.

Ms Carolin Herzog, M.A. is the Project Assistant at the TGCL office in Bayreuth.

Supervisors and Lecturers

Members of the University of Dar es Salaam School of Law supervise the LLM dissertations and PhD theses.

Staff members of the UDSM School of Law also hold the major courses, supplemented in specific areas, both legal and interdisciplinary, by scholars from the University of Bayreuth and other universities.

Previous and Current TGCL Supervisors and Lecturers

Ackson, T., Dr

Fimbo, G. M., Prof. Dr

Gastorn, K., Prof. Dr

Kabudi, P. J., Prof. Dr

Kamanga, K., Dr

Kanywanyi, J. L., Prof.

Lukumay, Z., Dr

Luoga, F., Prof. Dr

Majamba, H. I., Prof. Dr

Mapunda, A. M., Dr

Mapunda, B. T., Dr

Milej, T., Dr

Mbunda, L. X., Prof. Dr

Mtaki, C. K., Dr

Mvungi, S., Dr

Mwakaje, J. S., Dr

Mwaipopo, R. A., Dr

Nditi, N. N., Prof. Dr

Peter, C. M., Prof. Dr

Rutinwa, B., Prof. Dr

Shaidi, L., Prof. Dr

Tenga, R. W., Dr