Tanzanian-German Centre for Eastern African Legal Studies
at the University of Dar es Salaam School of Law in cooperation with the University of Bayreuth


2019 LLM Students

Joseph Kilenga (Rwanda)

The Effect of Tax Disparities in the EAC on Small and Medium Enterprises: Case Study of Uganda and Rwanda

Honey Kalekye Kitheka (Kenya)

East African Community Regional Integration: The Impact of PoliticoLegal Integration on Kenya’s Economic Sector

Chacha Mairo (Tanzania)

Protection of Trans-Boundary Natural Resources in the East African Community: Examining the Effectiveness of Policy, Legal and Institutional Framework in Tanzania

Joan Smarts Mukisa (Uganda)

An Analysis of the Application of Special and Differential Treatment in the East African Community

Daniel Ndahimana (Rwanda)

Critical Analysis of Free Movement of Workers in the East African Community

Mathew Ngaga (Tanzania)

 Effectiveness of Laws Governing Management of Coastal Forests Resources towards Containing Vulnerability of East African Coastal Communities to Climatic Dynamism: A Case Study of Tanzania

Landry Ninziza (Burundi)

Arbitration, Factor of Development and Regional Integration in the East African Community: Case Study of Burundi

Nelson Otieno Okeyo (Kenya)

Towards a Harmonized EAC Cyber Resilience Framework: Efficacy of the Regulatory Approaches under the Kenya Computer Misuse and Cyber Crimes Act, 2018

Dina Omosso (Tanzania)

Legal Protection of Consumers in the Free Movement of Goods within the East African Community: Case Study of Tanzania

Janet Jebichi Sego (Kenya)

Towards a Mutual Legal Framework for Management and Protection of Internally Displaced Persons in the East African Community: Case Study of Kenya and South Sudan

Wambua M. Stephen (Kenya)

The Informal Cross-Border Trade Practices vis-à-vis the East African Community Regional Integration Process: An Appraisal of the Customs Union Protocol

Paul Baak A. Yuot (South Sudan)

Assessing the Prospects and Challenges for the Justice and Reconciliation Process in Post-Conflict South Sudan

2018 LLM Students

Emmanuel M. Acidri
A Critical Analysis of EAC Cooperation in Agriculture and Its Impact on the Right to Adequate Food in Uganda

Aduda Linah Anyango
Right of Establishment of SelfEmployed East African Citizens in Kenya: Legal and Practical Challenges

Specioza Avako
Promoting Universal Health Coverage through Health Insurance: An Examination of the Laws and Policy in Uganda

Kevin Bakulumpagi
Biodiversity Offsetting as a Tool for Sustainable Development: The Need for a Legal Framework for the EAC with Perspectives from Uganda

Frankline Bett
A Case for Convergence of CrossBorder Insolvency Frameworks in East Africa: Experiences from Kenya and Tanzania

Ange Dorine Irakoze
The Protection of Investment in the East African Community: A Critical Analysis of the Burundi Investment Code

Michael John
Legal and Practical Challenges to the Ratification of Trade Agreements in EAC: The Case of EAC-EU EPA

Praisegod M. Joseph
Harmonizing East African Community Energy Laws on Trade and Investment: Case Study of Tanzania

Marc Karanganwa
Legal Implications on Investment Regime in Implementation of EAC Laws and Policies: Case Study of Rwanda

Wuoi Matiop Kuai
Legal Challenges in Access to Justice in South Sudan: Comparative Analysis of Kenya and Tanzania

Miriam Kalee Mbole
Protecting Trans-boundary Cultural Knowledge and Expressions: Remodeling Kenya’s Traditional Knowledge and Cultural Expressions Act in Line with East African Integration

Augustine Ochieng
The Role of Harmonization of Trademark Laws in the Protection of Consumer Rights within the East African Community

Rebecca Rabach
Impacts of Disparities in Land Regimes of EAC Member States to the Implementation of the Common Market Protocol Goals

2017 LLM Students

Christopher Ayieko
A Critical Analysis of the Common Market Protocol on Realization of Free Public Procurement Competition within the Community

Korenilo Ajang
Legal and Practical Challenges Relating to Implementation of Free Movement of Persons and Labour under the Common Market Protocol: A Case Study of South Sudan

Boaz Mabula
Legal Challenges Facing Public Service Pensioners in the EAC: A Case of Tanzania

Lilian Masalu
An Examination of the Enforcement and Execution of East African Court of Justice Decisions by Partner States

Hamisi Msuya
Portability of Health Insurance Benefits in the EAC: The Case of Tanzania’s National Health Insurance Scheme

Violla Nabawanda
Examining Uganda’s Compliance with Provisions on Socio-Economic Empowerment of Women in the EAC Treaty

Rose Banja
Examining Legal Gaps in the Juvenile System in South Sudan

Cecilia Ngaiza
Implementation of Article 121 of the Treaty for the Establishment of the East African Community, 1999 in Tanzania: A Case Study of Challenges Facing Women’s Access to Property Rights

Arnaud Ntahompagaze
Upholding the Right to Fair Trial within the East African Community: A Case Study of the Burundian Criminal Justice System

Symphorien J.J. Nzabonimana
Examining the Attraction of National Legal Frameworks on Movement of Workers within the East African Community: The Case of Rwanda

Stanislaus Ongwee
Non-Discrimination in Public Procurement under the Legal Framework of the East African Common Market: Case Study of Kenya, Uganda and Tanzaniai

Alphonce Owuocha
The Legal Implications of the EAC Competition Law and Policy in Kenya: Reasserting the Principle of Subsidiarity<

Norah Wakiaga
Harmonizing Postgraduate Legal Education and Training within the East African Community: An Examination of the Laws and Policies

Joseph Wawa
East African Community Legislative Response on HIV and AIDS: Need for a Human Rights Based Approach

2016 LLM Students

Louis A. Gitinywa
The East African Protocol on Peace and Security Analysis on its Enforcement Mechanisms against the Transnational Organised Crime: Law and Practice in East Africa

Abdillah M. Hussein
The Language Problems within East African Community: Legal Challenges under Common Market Integration

Pooja M. Karia
Local Content and Corporate Social Responsibility in the Oil and Gas Law Regime in East Africa: A Case Study of Tanzania

Gloria Kembabazi
The Digital Economy: Legal Aspects of the East African Community

Deborah F. Kobusingye
Examining the Legal Configuration for the Movement of Capital in the East African Community

Cyril Yavatsa Kubai
Developing a Harmonized Framework on Recognition and Enforcement of Commercial Arbitral Awards in the East African Community

Augustus M. Mbila
Examining the Legitimacy of the East African Court of Justice as a Regional Court

Theophil R. Mujubi
Export Processing Zones in Tanzania: A Critical Analysis of Law and Practice

Ferdinand Nakintije
The English as a Language of East Africa Court of Justice: A Challenge to Burundi Bar Association

Amon M. Nyambane
Legal and Institutional Framework Establishing the East African Monetary Union: Is It Effective?

John Osapiri
The Need to Regulate Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) and Strengthening Local Investments in Uganda for the Attainment of the East Africa Community Economic Goals

Emmanuel Sebijjo
National Parliaments’ Involvement in the Law Making and Policy Formulation Processes of the East African Community: The Forgotten Chamber?

Edmond A. Shikoli
Judicial Adjudication of Electrol Disputes: Perspectives from Emerging Jurisprudence in Kenya and Uganda

Elisha E. Suku
East African Community Integrated Border Management: Legal and Institutional Framework

Jean Pierre Tuyishime
National Legal Systems as a Challenge to EAC Regional Integration: A Case Study of Rwanda

2015 LLM Students

Doreen Ainembabazi
Limitations to the Free Movement of Labour in the East African Community: An Analysis of Uganda’s Commitment to the Common Market Protocol

Edwin Pantaleo Bilikundi
The Extent of Achievement of Women’s Rights to Property in Rural Areas

Ella Lisette Iradukunda
Limitations to Freedom of the Press in Burundi in Time of Crisis: Challenges and Effects

Marion Kyoburungi
The Role of Legal Knowledge in Combating Child Abuse in the East African Community: The Case of Uganda

Fleming Omondi Lumumba
The Status of Implementation of the East African Community Customs Union by Kenya and Tanzania

Mohammed Rukidi Mpuga
Refugee Law and Policy in Uganda and Tanzania: Prospects for the EAC Political Federationi

Esther Mwaka Mupev
Refugee Protection System in Kenya: Assessment of the Efficacy of the Principle of Non-Refoulement in Light of Counterterrorism

Teresiah Muthoni
Legal Representation for Indigents in East Africa: The Case of the Kenyan Judicial System

Stella Nakwanyi Nalwoga
Effectiveness of Sectoral Legislation and Regulation in Controlling Anti-Competitive Conduct in the Insurance Industry in Uganda and Kenya

Stephen Nelson
Promoting Rule of Law in the Republic of South Sudan: Analysing the Challenges to the Right to Life

Theophile Ntamakiriro
Combating Smuggling of Non-illicit Goods: Case Study of the Effectiveness of the Law and Practice in Rwanda

Patrick Didier Nukuri
Promoting Accountability in Public Institutions in East Africa: A Case Study of Burundi

Charity Nyombe
Upholding the Principle of Judicial Independence in the Republic of South Sudan: Challenges and Prospects

Provia Akinyi Odhiambo
The Role of Competition Law in Regulating the Railway Sector in Kenya: A Case Study of the Standard Gauge Railway Project

Petro Protas
Legal Challenges Relating to Multimodal Transport in East Africa: A Case Study of Tanzania and Rwanda

2014 LLM Students

Ali, Santa Jima Justin
Challenges of Child Protection in South Sudan

Ngeri, Tom Okuku
The Role of Intellectual Property Rights in East African Community Integration

Bangayandusha, Viateur
Analysis of Legal Challenges to the Implementation of the Common Market Protocol in the East African Community: The Case of Rwanda

Nyamizi, Adelina Aniseth
Variable Geometry vis-à-vis Consensus under the Treaty for the Establishment of the East African Community: A Case Study of the Coalition of the Willing

Dobbo, Henry Elia Amiro
International Protection of Human Rights: A Case Study of South Sudan

Osiemo, Emily Kwamboka
Tightening Corporate Environmental Liability in East Africa’s Oil and Gas Sector

Kaitu, Antidius
Popular Participation in Regional Integration: A Critical Overview of the East African Legislative Assembly

Twibanire, Vivine
Transitional Justice for Breaking Cycles of Violence in Burundi

Mihayo, Catherine
Disaster Management in the Extractive Industry in East Africa: The Liability of Oil and Gas Operators – A Case Study of Tanzania

Wanyama, Edrine
Freedom of Information in East Africa: Lessons from Uganda

2013 LLM Students

Atwiine, Rebecca
Implementation of the East African Community Common Market Protocol: The Case of the Insurance Industry in Uganda

Gonza, Jebby
Facilitating Access to Justice through Legal Aid to the Indigent in East Africa: A Case Study of Tanzania and Kenya

Buchumi, Veronica
Adequacy of Sub-Regional Responses by the East African Community in Addressing Trafficking in Persons

Karinijabo, Jean-Pierre Karinijabo
Free Movement of Goods Under the Legal Framework of the East African Community: A Case Study of Rwanda

Datukowo, Maurice Tiberio
Problems and Barriers in Implementing Laws of South Sudan on Water Pollution: A Case Study of Juba

Kayitesi, Gertrude
Harmonisation of Laws in the East African Community: Context and Strategy

Elau, Emmanuel
Freedom of Expression, the Press and the East African Community: The Ugandan Perspective

Kimario, Emma
Disparities in Social Security Benefits and Their Impact on the Common Market Protocol: A Case Study of Kenya and Tanzania

Hagabimana, Gilbert
The Role of Regional Courts in the Promotion of Regional Integration: A Case Study of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) and the East African Court of Justice (EACJ)

Mndeme, Jonathan Wilfred
Land Rights and Land Investment in Tanzania: Towards Addressing Fears, Concerns and Challenges on Land Matters in the East African Community

Mselewa, Petro
Service Tenancies in Public Corporations in Tanzania: Law and Practice

Nyange, Irene Lulu
Harmonisation of Electronic Commerce Laws in the East African Community: Lessons from the European Union

Munyua, Charles
Progress, Challenges and Opportunities towards Realising Cross Border Legal Practice in the East African Community: A Case Study of Kenya and Tanzania

Ramadhani, Hadija
Violations of Women’s Land Rights in Tanzania

2012 LLM Students

Asiimwe, Jackline
Good Governance in the EAC: An Analysis of the Role of the Judiciary in Promoting the Rule of Law from a Ugandan Constitutional Perspective

Bigirimana, Désiré
The Peace and Security Legal Framework in the East Africa Community

Gichuki, Naomi Nyambura
The Effect of the Implementation of the EAC Customs Union on the Economic Development of Kenya

Lihiru, Victoria 
Women and Electoral Rights in East Africa: A Case Study of the Tanzanian Electoral Laws

Mwangomango, Goodluck
Land Rights as a Constitutional Category for a New Constitution: A Comparative Study of the Tanzanian and Ugandan Constitutions

Njunwa, Aderickson 
Human Rights through Commercial Court Disputes Settlement in Tanzania

Nyende, Madinah
Natural Resources in Uganda: The Legal Regulatory and Policy Framework of Natural Resources in Uganda: A Case Study of the Albertan Graven, Western Uganda

Sokoine, Nina
Free Movement of Labour within the EAC: A Case Study from Tanzania

Sylister, Magdalena
Legal Challenges to the Effective Implementation of the EAC Common Market - Focus on Investments and Monetary Areas of Co-operation

Wanderi, Hannah
Strengthening the Efforts towards Effective Conservation of Forest within the EAC: A Case for MAU Forests

2011 LLM Students

Haule, Desderia P.
Combating Gender Based Violence in Tanzania: An Examination of Laws for Prevention of the Killing of Elderly Women due to Witchcraft Beliefs

Kiiza, Amos
The Pracitcal Application of the Principal of Separation of Powers in Rwanda in the Light of Article 7 (2) of the EAC Treaty

Madeli, Domina D.
The Efficacy of the EAC Treaty on Rights to a Clean Environment as Human Rights: The Study of Waste Treatment in Tanzania

Mbutu, Stephano Seba
An Investigation of the Right to Adequate Housing in Urban Tanzania in the Light of the EAC Treaty

Msonde, Kamru Habibu
Realisation of Socio-Economic and Cultural Rights in the Light of the EAC Treaty

Muhimpundu, Betina
The Viability of the EAC Treaty in Peace Making and Peace Keeping in Violent Conflict: A Case Study from Burundi

Ngoje, Matilda Lameck
Free Movement of Workers in the EAC vis-à-vis the Labour Law Regime in Tanzania Mainland

Nkuhi, Mathias Sylvester
Free Movement of Workers and the Legal Implications of the Right to Equal Treatment in the EAC Common Market

Sanare, Bethy
Legal Protection of Migrants in the EAC: The Case of Children

Seka, John Beniel
The Legal Framework for Cross-Border Practice in the EAC: The Case of Tanzania

2010 LLM Students

Haule, Bahati Stafu
The Constitutional Exercise of the Executive (Presidential) Powers on Parliament in East Africa: A Comparative Study of Tanzania and Kenya

Kuria, Milka Wahu
A Critical Analysis of the Legal and Institutional Framework for Participatory Democracy in the East African Community Organs and Institutions

Leandy, Agatha
Towards True Democracy in East Africa: A Critical Analysis of Electoral Expenses Laws  and Practices of Tanzania and Kenya

Lui, Amalia
The Right to Legal Aid to Indigent People in Tanzania in Comparison with Kenya

Mweru, Dieudonné
The Effectiveness of Anti-corruption Agencies: A Comparative Analysis of Burundi and Tanzania

Nantume, Lucy Peace
Open Adoption in Inter-country Adoption Laws of East Africa

Ntungire, Jolly
The Application of State Principles of Self-defence and Non-interference in the Case of Armed Non-State Actors. Lessons from the Force Democratique du Libération Rwandais (FDLR) and the Lords Resistance Army (LRA)

Nyanzi, Sheillah Byasiima
The Efficacy of Spousal Consent Clauses in Protecting Women's Property Rights: Comparative Study of Tanzania and Uganda

Rutto, Rhoda Cherotich
The Compatibility of Tanzania’s and Kenya’s Extradition Law and Practices with International Human Rights Norms vis-à-vis the East African Community Treaty

Msechu, Wilbard Stephen
The Constitutional Principle of Accountability in the Extractive Industry: Lessons from the Cyanide Spill in River Tighite, North Mara, Tanzania, and Oil Production at the Albertine Region in Uganda

2009 LLM Students

Kasanga, Kalekwa
The Right to Real Property in Tanzania and Rwanda

Luambano, Tasco Romanus
Reflections on Land Use Conflicts between Farmers and Pastoralists in the Light of the Bill of Rights in Tanzania

Machulya, Janeth Norbert
The Effectiveness of the Mechanisms for Enforcement of Basic Rights and Freedom in Tanzania: An Examination of the Impact of the Basic Rights and Duties Enforcement Act (Act No.33 of 1994) on the Realisation of Individual Basic Rights and Freedoms

Mallonga (Musokwa), Irene
Protecting the Best Interests of the Child in Need of Alternative Care: An Analysis of the Law in Tanzania

Mkizungo, Josephat Thadeus
The Role and the Significance of the East African Court  of Justice in Promoting and Protecting Human Rights

Nabukeera, Aisha
Assessment of the Law on the Protection of  Child Domestic Workers in Uganda: The Case of Rubaga Division

Owino, Robert Omondi
Human Rights and Environmental Management in Kenya: Analysis of the Right to Clean and Healthy Environment

Saba, Alexander Martin
Constitutional Protection of the Principle of Independence of the judiciary: A Survey of the Constitution of Tanzania

Siyani, Mustapher Mohamed
Power Sharing Deals in Post Election Africa: Drawing Lessons from Kenya

Ttendo, Annet
Legal Implications of Women's Right to Maternal Health Care: Case Study of Katwe Slum, Kampala, Uganda

2008 LLM Students

Abdulrahman, Hamza Ismail
A Comparative Study of VAT Regimes of Tanzania and Kenya: The Extent to which VAT Contributes to the GDP of these Countries

Bakari, George
Freedom of Expression and Freedom of the Media in Tanzania

Juma, Hawa
Representative Democracy: Roles of Members of Parliament in their Constituencies

Kakongwe, Judith Mathew
The Right to Vote in Tanzania: A Critical Analysis of the Rights of the Sidelined Voters

Kamuzora, Francis Rutakyamilwa
The Legal Right to the Highest Attainable Standard of Mental and Physical Health: An Assement of the Impact of Laws on Public Health-financing Mechanisms on the Rights of Health

Kimwaga, Juliana
The Impact of Foreign Direct and Local Investment on the Rights of the Indigenous People: The Case of Land Rights of Maasai in Tanzania

Kiwory, Goodluck Thomas
Constitution without Constitutionalism or Constitutionalism in Evolution - A critical Study of the First Forty- five Years of Constitutional Law and Practice in Independent Tanzania (1961-2005) and Kenya (1963-2008)

Lushagara, Angela Kokuhumbya
The Independence of the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions in Tanzania

Ndeserua, Bahati Moshi
Corruption and Its Impact on the Administration of Justice in Tanzania

Sipemba, Thomas Mihayo
Constitutionality of Mining Development Agreements: With Some Reference to the Mining Development Agreement between Pangea Minerals Limited and the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania