Tanzanian-German Centre for Eastern African Legal Studies
at the University of Dar es Salaam School of Law in cooperation with the University of Bayreuth


2017 PhD Students

  • Odhiambo, Felix
    Management and Conservation of Living Marine Resources of the Exclusive Economic Zones of Kenya and Tanzania: A Legal Inquiry
  • Mwamukonda, Isakwisa
    An Examination of the Legal and Institutional Framework for Regulating Genetically Modified Organisms in Tanzania

2016 PhD Students

  • Abudho, Japeth O.
    Harmonising Intellectual Property Lawswithin the East African Community: A Liberal Intergovernmentalist Analysis of its Feasibility
  • Mandi, Idd Ramadhani
    The Principle of Popular Sovereignty in the Constitution-making processes in Kenya and Tanzania: Theory and Practice

2015 PhD Students

  • Katono, Evelyn Happy
    Protection of Refugees’ Right to Workin East Africa: Case Study of Uganda

2014 PhD Students

  • Gichuki, Naomi
    Natural Resources Governance in East Africa: An Analysis of the Extractive Industry
  • Nditi, Donatus Nicholas
    Restrictive Trade Agreements in the Extractive Industry: An Analysis of Contemporary Legal Challenges in East Africa
  • Lema, Daniel Naftal
    The Impact of Corporations’ Investment in Land on Marginalised Communities in East Africa
  • Orina, Isaiah Mokaya
    Prosecution and Adjudication of International Crimes in National Jurisdictions: The Case of Kenya

2012 PhD Students

  • Bikesha, Denis
    Gacaca Courts as a Means towards Dispensing the Rule of Law
  • Muli, Mercy Koki
    The Management of Elections in Africa: A Case Study from East Africa
  • Nyanzi, Sheillah
    An Appraisal of the Legal Regulatory Challenges to Protection of Mobile Money Consumers in East Africa

2011 PhD Students

  • Abdulrahman, Hamza Ismail
    Constitutional and Human Rights Dimensions of Real Property Taxation in Tanzania
  • Bakari, George
    The Relation between East African Law and National Law and Its Implication for Human Rights: The European Law Experience
  • Kasanga, Kalekwa
    The Efficacy of Human Rights Commissions in Protecting Human Rights in East African Countries with Special Reference to Tanzania
  • Luambano, Tasco Romanus
    Efficacy of Domestic and Regional Courts in Protecting Human Rights in East Africa: A Case from Tanzania
  • Nzaligo, David Christopher
    Privacy, Freedom of Expression and Human Rights: A Comparative Study of the Impact of Information Communication Technology (I.C.T.) in East Africa

2010 PhD Students

  • Chuwa, Goodluck Peter
    An Analysis of the Conflict between Islamic Law of Marriage and Human Rights Principles
  • Mambi,  Adam Juma
    Legal Implications of Information and Communication  Technologies on Human Rights:Comparative Analysis of Right to Privacy and Freedom of Information in Tanzania Mainland and Kenya
  • Mwihambi, Nenelwa Joyce
    Effective Representation and Parliamentary System in Tanzania: A Critique

2009 PhD Students

  • Kamugisha, Grace Kazoba
    Protection of Consumers and a Guard against Counterfeit and Substandard Pharmaceuticals in Tanzania
    Published as TGCL Research Series 1
  • Maalim, Mahadhi Juma
    The United Republic of Tanzania in the East African Community: Legal Challenges in integrating Zanzibar
    Published as TGCL Research Series 2 
  • Nahayo, Anatole
    The Harmonisation of Income Tax Regimes within the East African community Common Market: An Assessment of Viabillity
    Published as TGCL Research Series 3
  • Mongella, Lillian Mihayo
    The Right to Compensation For Victims of Internal Conflicts in East Africa: A Case Study of Rwanda
    Published as TGCL Research Series 4