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Tanzanian-German Centre for Eastern African Legal Studies

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Grace K. Kamugisha (Tanzania)


Legal and Institutional Framework for Combating the Prevalence of
Counterfeit and Substandard Pharmaceuticals in Tanzania

Supervisor: Prof. B. S. I. Rutinwa

Kalekwa Kasanga (Tanzania)

The Right to Real Property in Tanzania and Rwanda

Supervisor: Prof. G. M. Fimbo

Tasco Luambano (Tanzania)

Reflections on Land Use Conflicts between Farmers and Pastoralists
in the Light of the Bill of Rights in Tanzania

Supervisor: Dr B. T. Mapunda

Mahadhi J. Maalim (Tanzania, Zanzibar)


The United Republic of Tanzania in the East African Community:
Legal Challenges in Integrating Zanzibar

Supervisor: Dr C. K. Mtaki

Janeth N. Machulya (Tanzania)

The Effectiveness of the Mechanisms for Enforcement of Basic
Rights and Freedoms in Tanzania: An Examination of the Impact of
Act No. 33 of 1994

Supervisor: Dr A. M. Mapunda

Irene D. Mallonga (Tanzania)

Protecting the Right of the Child to Alternative Care: An Analysis of
the Law on Adoption in Tanzania

Supervisor: Dr T. Ackson

Josephat T. Mkizungo (Tanzania)

The Role and Significance of the East African Court of Justice in
Promoting and Protecting Human Rights

Supervisor: Dr K. Kamanga

Lilian M. Mongella (Tanzania)


The Right to Compensation for Victims of Internal Armed Conflicts
in East Africa: A Case Study of Genocide Victims in Rwanda

Supervisor: Prof. B. S. I. Rutinwa

Aisha Nabukeera (Uganda)

Child Domestic Work: A Device against the Rights of a Child – The
Case of Rubaga Division, Kampala, Uganda

Supervisor: Dr C. K. Mtaki

Anatole Nahayo (Burundi)


Harmonizing Income Tax Laws within the East African Community
Common Market: A Critical Assessment of its Viability

Supervisor: Prof. F. D. A. M. Luoga

Robert Omondi Owino (Kenya)

Human Rights and Environmental Management in Kenya: Analysis
of the Right to a Clean and Healthy Environment

Supervisor: Prof. P. J. Kabudi

Alexander Martin Saba (Tanzania)

Constitutional Protection of the Principle of Independence of the
Judiciary: A Survey of the Constitution of Tanzania

Supervisor: Prof. L. X. Mbunda

Mustapher Siyani (Tanzania)

Power Sharing Deals in Postelection Africa: Drawing Lessons from

Supervisor: Dr B. T. Mapunda

Annet Ttendo (Rwanda)

Legal Implications of Women’s Right to Maternal Health Care:
Case Study of Katwe Slum, Kampala, Uganda

Supervisor: Prof. H. I. Majamba

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