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Tanzanian-German Centre for Eastern African Legal Studies

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LLM Students

Desderia P. Haula (Tanzania)

Combating Gender-Based Violence in Tanzania: An Examination of Laws for Prevention of the Killing of Elderly Women due to Witchcraft Beliefs

Supervisor: Dr R. A. Mwaipopo 

Amos Kiiza (Rwanda)

The Practical Application of the Principle of Separation of Powers in rwanda in the Light of Article 7 (2) of the EAC Treaty

Supervisor: Dr A. M. Mapunda

Domina D. Madeli (Tanzania)

The Efficacy of the EAC Treaty on rights to a Clean Environment as human rights: The Study of Waste Treatment in Tanzania

Supervisor: Dr B. T. Mapunda

Stephano Seba Mbutu (Tanzania)

An Investigation of the right to Adequate housing in Urban Tanzania in the Light of the EAC Treaty

Supervisor: Prof. G. M. Fimbo

Kamru Habibu Msonde (Tanzania)

Realisation of Socio-Economic and Cultural Rights in the Light of the EAC Treaty

Supervisor: Prof. l. X. Mbunda

Betina Muhimpundu (Burundi)

The Viability of the EAC Treaty in Peace Making and Peace Keeping in Violent Conflict: A Case Study from Burundi

Supervisor: Dr K. Gastorn

Matilda Lameck Ngoje (Tanzania)

Free Movement of Workers in the EAC vis-à-vis the Labour Law regime in Tanzania Mainland​

Mathias Sylvester Nkuhi (Tanzania)

Free Movement of Workers and the Legal Implications of the right to Equal Treatment in the EAC Common Market

Supervisor: Dr K. Kamanga

Bethy Sanare (Tanzania)

Legal Protection of Migrants in the EAC: The Case of Children

Supervisor: Dr B. T. mapunda

John B. Seka (Tanzania)

The Legal Framework for CrossBorder Practice in the EAC: The Case of Tanzania

Supervisor: Dr A. M. Mapunda

PhD Students

Hamza Ismail Abdulrahman (Tanzania) (PhD)

Constitutional and human rights Dimensions of real Property Taxation in Tanzania

Supervisors: Prof. G. M. Fimbo, Prof. M. K. Wambali

David C. Nzaligo (Tanzania) (PhD)

Privacy, Freedom of Expression and human rights: A Comparative Study of the Impact of Information Communication Technology (I.C.T.) in East Africa

Supervisors: Prof. P. J. Kabudi, Dr A. M. Mapunda

Kalekwa Kasanga (Tanzania) (PhD)

The Efficacy of human rights Commissions in Protecting human rights in East African Countries with Special reference to Tanzania

Supervisors: Prof. N. N. Nditi, Prof. M. K. B. Wambali

George Bakari (Tanzania) (PhD)

The relation between East African Law and National Law and Its Implication for human rights: The European Law Experience

Supervisors: Prof. l. X. Mbunda, Dr K. Kamanga

Tasco R. Luambano (Tanzania) (PhD)

Efficacy of Domestic and regional Courts in Protecting human rights in East Africa: A Case from Tanzania

Supervisors: Prof. B. Rutinwa, Prof. l. Shaidi

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