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Tanzanian-German Centre for Eastern African Legal Studies

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Goodluck P. Chuwa (Tanzania)


A Critical Analysis of the Conflict between Islamic Law Principles
and Human Rights Standards in Relation to Women’s Rights

Supervisor: Prof. J. L. Kanywanyi

Bahati S. Haule (Tanzania)

Constitutional Exercise of the Executive Powers: An Assessment
of the Powers of the President on the Legislature: a case study of
Tanzania and Kenya

Supervisor: Dr C. K. Mtaki

Milka Wahu Kuria (Kenya)

A Critical Analysis of the Legal Framework for Participatory Democracy
in the East African Community Organs and Institutions

Supervisor: Dr B. T. Mapunda

Agatha Leandy (Tanzania)

Towards True Democracy in East Africa: A Critical Analysis of Electoral
Expenses Laws of Tanzania and Kenya

Supervisor: Dr B. T. Mapunda

Amalia Lui (Tanzania)

The Accessibility and Availability of the Right to Legal Representation
to the Indigent People in Tanzania in Comparison with Kenya

Supervisor: Prof. H. I. Majamba

Adam Juma Mambi (Tanzania)


Legal Implications of Information and Communication Technology to
Privacy and Freedom of Information in Mainland Tanzania and Kenya

Supervisor: Prof. N. N. Nditi

Dieudonneé Mweru (Burundi)

A Comparative Analysis of the Efficacy of Anticorruption Agencies
in Burundi and Tanzania

Supervisor: Dr A. M. Mapunda

Nenelwa J. Mwihambi (Tanzania)


Legislative Representation and the Parliamentary System in the Constitution
of the United Republic of Tanzania

Supervisor: Prof. G. M. Fimbo

Lucy Peace Nantume (Uganda)

The Legal Framework for the Protection of Children’s Rights
to a Family Environment: A Case Study of Uganda and Tanzania

Supervisor: Dr K. Kamanga

Jolly Ntungire (Rwanda)

Analysis of State Principles of Noninterference in the Internal
Affairs of a State and Self-Defence in Relation to the East
African Community Treaty 1999

Supervisor: Dr A. M. Mapunda

Eugene O. Nyamunga (Kenya)


The East African Community Common Market: Conceptualising
Effective Rights Based on the European Union Experience

Supervisor: Prof. F. Luoga

Sheillah Nyanzi (Uganda)

The Potency of the Spousal Consent Clauses in Securing Women’s
Property Rights: A Comparative Study of Tanzania and

Supervisor: Dr R. A. Mwaipopo

Rhoda Cherotich Rutto (Kenya)

The Compatibility of Tanzania’s and Kenya’s Extradition Law and
Practices with International Human Rights Norms vis-à-vis the East African
Community Treaty

Supervisor: Prof. B. Rutinwa

Grace Wakio (Kenya)

Former PhD Candidate

Stephen Msechu Wilbard (Tanzania)

The Constitutional Principle of Accountability in the Extractive
Industry: The Case of North Mara in Tanzania and the Albertine Region
in Uganda

Supervisor: Dr N. N. Nditti

Webmaster: Philipp Jan Bogensperger

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