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Tanzanian-German Centre for Eastern African Legal Studies

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Daniel Duom Kelei Ayak (South Sudan)

The Realization of the Right to a Clean and Healthy Environment in
the EAC: A Case Study of South Sudan

Supervisor: Dr Cleophace KK Morris

Lilian Beatus Chakwe (Tanzania)

Examination of Legal and Practical Challenges of the Implementation
of the Rights of Establishment in the EAC

Supervisor: Dr Sosteness F Materu

Prosper Costantine (Tanzania)

Tax Exemptions, A Springboard to Unequal Tax Regime in the East
African Community: A Comparative Analysis between Kenya and

Supervisor: Dr Hamza Ismail

Zainab Hamis (Tanzania)

Legal Analysis on Setbacks facing Cross Boarder Insolvency of
Companies in EAC

Supervisor: Dr Goodluck Kiwory

Eastus Kakungulu (Uganda)

An analysis of the efficacy of the legal framework in enhancing
free movement of persons in E.A. A case study of Uganda

Supervisor: Dr Laurent Mussa

Grace Wambura Mwangi (Kenya)

A Critical Analysis of the Principle of State Sovereignty vis a vis it’s
Effect on the East African Protocol on Peace and Security

Supervisor: Dr Theophil Romward

Diana Nabugasha (Uganda)

A critique of EAC Law on consumer protection on the sale and
supply of pharmaceutical products. A case study of Uganda

Supervisor: Dr P. Melkiori

Cornelius Kilili Nthiwa (Kenya)

Freedom of Movement of Labour Within the EAC vs EU. The Case of
International Transfer of Minor Footballers

Supervisor: Dr Veronica Buchumi

Alphred Ntirenganya (Rwanda)

Analysis of EAC Tax Policy and Investment Incentives Harmonisation for
FDI Attraction: Case Study of Tax Holidays

Supervisor: Dr Erasmo Nyika

Samwel Matundura Nyambunde (Kenya)

Reconciling The Past and The Future - The Conflict Between Sustainability
and Infringement of Indigenous People’s Rights: A Case Study of the
Ogiek Community in Kenya

Supervisor: Dr Francis Sabby

Nyampinga Marie (Rwanda)

The Role and Position of Regional Economic Communities in the
Implementation of the African Continental Free Trade Area: Setbacks
and Prospects

Supervisor: Dr Filbert Nicksoni

Rosa Adhiambo Ojwang (Kenya)

A Critique of EAC Legal Framework on Non-Tariff Barriers: Case
Study of Kenya

Supervisor: Dr Jaba Shadrack

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