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Tanzanian-German Centre for Eastern African Legal Studies

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Emmanuel M. Acidri (Uganda)

A Critical Analysis of EAC Cooperation in Agriculture and Its
Impact on the Right to Adequate food in Uganda

Supervisor: Dr L. Mussa

Aduda Linah Anyango (Kenya)

Right of Establishment of Self Employed East African Citizens in Kenya:
Legal and Practical Challenges

Supervisor: Prof. L. Shaidi

Specioza Avako (Uganda)

Promoting Universal health Coverage through health Insurance:
An Examination of the Laws and Policies in Uganda

Supervisor: Dr J. Masabo

Kevin Bakulumpagi (Uganda)

Biodiversity Offsetting as a Tool for Environmental Conservation:
The Need for a Legal framework in Uganda

Supervisor: Dr T. Mwenegoha

Frankline Bett (Kenya)

A Case for Convergence of Cross Border Insolvency Legal frameworks
in East Africa: Experiences from Kenya and Tanzania

Supervisor: Prof. A. M. Mapunda

Ange Dorine Irakoze (Burundi)

The Protection of Investment in the East African Community: A
Critical Analysis of Burundi’s Investment Law

Supervisor: Dr D. A. Shayo

Michael John (Tanzania)

Legal and Practical Challenges to the Ratification of Trade Agreements
in EAC: The Case of EACEU EPA

Supervisor: Dr S. F. Materu

Praisegod M. Joseph (Tanzania)

Harmonizing East African Community Energy Laws on Trade
and Investment: Case Study of Tanzania

Supervisor: Prof. H. I. Majamba

Marc Karanganwa (Rwanda)

Legal Implications on Investment Regime in Implementation of EAC
Laws and Policies: Case Study of Rwanda

Kuai Wuoi Matiop (South Sudan)

Legal Challenges on Access to Justice in South Sudan: Lessons
from Kenya and Tanzania

Supervisor: Dr J. Jesse

Miriam Kalee Mbole (Kenya)

Protecting Transboundary Cultural Knowledge and Expressions: Remodeling
Kenya’s Traditional Knowledge and Cultural Expressions Act
in Line with East African Integration

Supervisor: Dr A. Mwiburi

Augustine Ochieng (Uganda)

The Role of harmonization of Trademark Laws in the Protection
of Consumer Rights within the East African Community

Supervisor: Prof. N. N. Nditi

Rebecca Rabach (Tanzania)

Impacts of Disparities in Land Regimes of EAC Member States to
the Implementation of the Common Market Protocol Goals

Supervisor: Dr B. Kanyabuhinya

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