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Tanzanian-German Centre for Eastern African Legal Studies

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Christopher Ezra Onyony Ayieko (Kenya)

Critical Analysis of the Common Market Protocol on Realization of
Free Public Procurement Competition within the Communit

Supervisor: Dr C. K. Mtaki

Korenilo Ajang Duot (South Sudan)

Legal and Practical Challenges Relating to Implementation of Free
Movement of Persons and Labour under the Common Market Protocol:
A Case Study of South Sudan

Supervisor: Prof. N. N. Nditi

Boaz John Mabula (Tanzania)

Legal Challenges Facing Public Service Pensioners in the EAC: A
Case of Tanzania

Supervisor: Dr T. Mwenegoha

Lilian Magabiro Masalu (Tanzania)

An Examination of the Enforcement and Execution of East African
Court of Justice Decisions by Partner States

Supervisor: Prof. G. M. Fimbo

Hamisi Jangawe Msuya (Tanzania)

Portability of Health Insurance Benefits in the EAC: The Case of
Tanzania’s National Health Insurance Scheme

Supervisor: Dr J. Masabo

Isakwisa Lameck Mwamukonda (Tanzania)


An Examination of the Legal and Institutional Framework for
Regulating Genetically Modified Organisms in Tanzania

Supervisor: Prof. K. Kamanga

Violla Nabawanda (Uganda)

Examining Uganda’s Compliance with Provisions on Socio-Economic
Empowerment of Women in the EAC Treaty

Supervisor: Prof. L. P. Shaidi

Rose Akulia Banja Natalino (South Sudan)

Examining Legal Gaps in the Juvenile System in South Sudan

Supervisor: Dr J. Jesse

Cecilia Edward Ngaiza (Tanzania)

Implementation of Article 121 of the Treaty for the Establishment of the East
African Community, 1999 in Tanzania: A Case Study of Challenges Facing
Women’s Access to Property Rights

Supervisor: Dr M. Laurean

Arnaud Ntahompagaze (Burundi)

Upholding the Right to Fair Trial within the East African Community:
A Case Study of the Burundian Criminal Justice System

Supervisor: Dr E. Longopa

Symphorien J. J. Nzabonimana (Rwanda)

Examining the Attraction of National Legal Frameworks on
Movement of Workers within the East African Community: The
Case of Rwanda

Supervisor: Dr D. Shayo

Felix Otieno Odhiambo (Kenya)


Management and Conservation of Living Marine Resources of the Exclusive
Economic Zones of Kenya and Tanzania: A Legal Inquiry

Supervisor: Prof. C. M. Peter

Stanislaus Okello Ongwee (Uganda)

Non-Discrimination in Public Procurement under the Legal
Framework of the East African Common Market: Case Study of
Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania

Supervisor: Prof. H. I. Majamba

Alphonce Omondi Owucha (Kenya)

The Legal Implications of the EAC Competition Law and Policy in
Kenya: Reasserting the Principle of Subsidiarity

Supervisor: Dr B. Kanyabuhinya

Norah Jael Kijala Wakiaga (Kenya)

Harmonizing Postgraduate Legal Education and Training within the
East African Community: An Examination of the Laws and Policies

Supervisor: Prof. A. M. Mapunda

Joesph Raphael Wawa (Tanzania)

East African Community Legislative Response on HIV and AIDS:
Need for a Human Rights Based Approach

Supervisor: Dr S. Materu

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