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Tanzanian-German Centre for Eastern African Legal Studies

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Doreen Ainembabazi (Uganda)

Limitations to the Free Movement of Labour in the East African
Community: An Analysis of Uganda’s Commitment to the
Common Market Protocol

Supervisor: Dr T. Milej

Ella Lisette Iradukunda (Burundi)

Limitations to Freedom of the Press in Burundi in Time of Crisis:
Challenges and Effects

Supervisor: Dr E. Longopa

Evelyn Happy Katono (Uganda)


Protection of Refugees’ Right to Work in East Africa: Case Study
of Uganda

Supervisor: Prof. H. I. Majamba

Marion Kyoburungi (Uganda)

The Role of Legal Knowledge in Combating Child Abuse in the East
African Community: The Case of Uganda

Supervisor: Prof. L. P. Shaidi

Fleming Omondi Lumumba (Kenya)

The State of Implementation of the East African Community Protocol
on the Customs Union by Kenya and Tanzania

Supervisor: Prof. K. C. Kamanga

Mohammed Rukidi Mpuga (Uganda)

Refugee Law and Policy in Uganda and Tanzania: Implications for
the EAC Political Federation

Supervisor: Dr E. Longopa

Esther Mwaka Mupe (Kenya)

The Efficacy of the Principle of Non-Refoulement in Light of
Counter-Terrorism: A Case Study of Kenya

Supervisor: Dr J. Masabo

Teresiah Muthoni (Kenya)

Legal Representation in Civil Litigation for Indigent Litigants in
East Africa: A Case of the Kenyan Judicial System

Supervisor: Prof. N. N. Nditi

Stella Nakwanyi Nalwoga (Uganda)

Effectiveness of Sectoral Legislations and Regulators in Controlling
Anticompetitive Practices in the Insurance Industry in Uganda
and Kenya

Supervisor: Prof. N. N. Nditi

Stephen Nelson (South Sudan)

Promoting Rule of Law in the Republic of South Sudan: Analysing
the Challenges to the Right to Life

Supervisor: Dr S. F. Materu

Theophile Ntamakiriro (Rwanda)

Combating Smuggling of Goods: A Case Study of Rwanda

Supervisor: Dr T. Milej

Patrick Didier Nukuri (Burundi)

Promoting Governments’ Accountability in the EAC: A Case
Study of Burundi

Supervisor: Dr S. Mwakaje

Charity Nyombe (South Sudan)

Upholding the Principle of Judicial Independence in the Republic
of South Sudan: Challenges and Prospects

Supervisor: Prof. J. L. Kanywanyi

Provia Akinyi Odhiambo (Kenya)

The Role of Competition Law in Regulating the Railway Sector
in Kenya: A Case Study of the Standard Gauge Railway Project

Supervisor: Dr B. Kanyabuhinya

Edwin Pantaleo Bilikundi (Tanzania)

Women’s Land Rights in Moshi Rural District

Supervisor: Prof. G. M. Fimbo

Petro Protas (Tanzania)

Legal Challenges Relating to Multimodal Transport in East Africa:
A Case Study of Tanzania and Rwanda

Supervisor: Prof. A. M. Mapunda

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