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Tanzanian-German Centre for Eastern African Legal Studies

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Joseph Kilenga (Rwanda)

The Effect of Tax Disparities in the EAC on Small and Medium Enterprises:
Case Study of Uganda and Rwanda

Supervisor: Dr E. Nyikai

Honey Kalekye Kitheka (Kenya)

East African Community Regional Integration: The Impact of Politico-
Legal Integration on Kenya’s Economic Sector

Supervisor: Prof. A. Mapunda

Chacha Mairo (Tanzania)

Protection of Trans-Boundary Natural Resources in the East African
Community: Examining the Effectiveness of Policy, Legal and Institutional
Framework in Tanzania

Supervisor: Prof. H. I. Majamba

Joan Smarts Mukisa (Uganda)

An Analysis of the Application of Special and Differential Treatment
in the East African Community

Supervisor: Dr D. Shayo

Daniel Ndahimana (Rwanda)

Critical Analysis of Free Movement of Workers in the East African

Supervisor: Dr B. Kanyabuhinya

Mathew Ngaga (Tanzania)

Effectiveness of Laws Governing Management of Coastal Forests Resources
towards Containing Vulnerability of East African Coastal Communities
to Climatic Dynamism

Supervisor: Dr G. Kiwory

Landry Niziza (Burundi)

Arbitration, Factor of Development and Regional Integration
in the East African Community: Case Study of Burundi

Supervisor: Dr L. Musa

Nelson Otieno Okeyo (Kenya)

Towards a Harmonized EAC Cyber Resilience Framework: Efficacy of
the Regulatory Approaches under the Kenya Computer Misuse and
Cyber Crimes Act, 2018

Supervisor: Dr A. Mwiburi

Dina Omosso (Tanzania)

Legal Protection of Consumers in the Free Movement of Goods
within the East African Community: Case Study of Tanzania

Supervisor: Prof. N. Nditi

Janet Jebichi Sego (Kenya)

Towards a Mutual Legal Framework for Management and Protection of
Internally Displaced Persons in the East African Community: Case Study
of Kenya and South Sudan

Supervisor: Dr B. Luhende

Wambua M. Stephen (Kenya)

The Informal Cross-Border Trade Practices vis-à-vis the East African
Community Regional Integration Process: An Appraisal of the
Customs Union Protocol

Supervisor: Dr D. Mwenegoha

Paul Baak A. Yuot (South Sudan)

Assessing the Prospects and Challenges for the Justice and
Reconciliation Process in Post-Conflict South Sudan

Supervisor: Dr S. Mater

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